Friday, February 27, 2009

Witt Gets 5 Games...

And Hagman gets "life without concussion free symptoms".

If you haven't see it, here is the hit, and TSN's report on the suspension.

So Witt gets 5 games for decapitating a guy, when he could have just as easily stolen the puck and had a breakaway (it was a weak play by Hagman, and Witt would have been off to the races). Terrible. A disgrace all over: the play, the fact it even happened in a "pro sport", and the response.

Avery gets rules written about his asinine behaviour, has to go to anger management, and demoted to the minors... this thug loses $74k and 5 games, and he's a repeat offender.

Don't blame the NHL for this one: blame the NHLPA, ironically. The NHL would love to send a message I'm sure, and suspend this guy for the year. They gave Tie Domi a worse punishment for this hit on Scott Niedermayer. But the NHL can't ruin a guys career: the NHLPA is protecting Witt, in this case, from losing his living. To Hell with the victim, its all about defending the perpitrator.

I think the NHLPA needs to examine its own purpose: "respect needs to come from the players" the old saying goes, and so maybe the player's union should step up, and allow the league to kick f^cktards like this out of the game, or drop him to the minors, or to anger management camp, or get him off the juice.

All this with the bug discussion about whether fighting should still be in the game. Get the priorities straight!

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