Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VAN v MTL recap: W 3-0

There isn't too much to say on this one: except Jaroslav Halak! He was the story, beginning, middle, and end.

Both teams played well; the CH getting their 2 goals, and Vancouver coming close so many times and generating great offence. Luongo played a strong game; no shame in the ones he let in.

But Halak has got to be the no. 1 goalie in Montreal now; until he falters with several bad games in a row, he has got to be the man. He has the team playing with confidence, is making saves he has no business making, and inspiring his team to play better. Halak was good, the defence played strong for him. Why change? No point in messing with the team's head and dropping in Price now; its gotta be Halak all the way, until someone punches holes in that plate armour Halak has on.

Oh yeah, and some offence would be good. No way anyone can be happy with 16 shots; 4 in the third! They gotta stop making it so hard for Halak with penalties and no offence; or they'll burn him out, and they'll be back where they started.

Play Halak until he breaks; and when he does (if he does) the Price can come back in and be a hero.

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