Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Panic! Panic! Panic! Not really.

Although I only watched part of the game last night, I did catch the highlights on NHL on the fly, so I saw the goals.

It looks as though Halak did not have a strong game, and the defence couldn't handle Heatly.

The news of Markov and Schneider being out for the year absolutely floored me. I didn't see the action at the end of the Maple Leafs game (like I mentioned, I was out at a TO bar and they all but killed the game in the third) but when I saw the highlights I just felt terrible.

After this up-and-down season, to have 2 key pins pulled on the Montreal Canadiens grenade is just so disappointing. It seems like just when the Habs battle back from their setbacks, they get knocked back down the hill.

So are we done? No playoffs? No run? Out in 4 if we make it in?

I dunno. Honestly, the Bleu Blanc Rouge were do for a loss; its OK. They were riding a big high, and had to get knocked back a bit. Like I said; they weren't going to win the next 4. So technically the loss yesterday was not really a major setback.

Problem is, against a beatable team, the Habs played like they missed their 2 best defenceman. Not in that the goals were stinkers -- goals go in, its a fact of life -- but the team seemed a bit tentative and reluctant out there. Halak especially looked nervous. After the game Komisarek was still bitching about Grabovski's hit. Problem is, its over. Nothing can be done; so once again the Canadiens need to find a way to win despite being given a terrible poker hand.

I still think the Habs can surprise one of the three teams they play this week; I have a feeling Price will be ready to take control of the game and help out his defencive core.

Gotta start by beating the Rangers tonight. Florida has an easy ride in, so be prepared for them to get points. Expect a split with Philidelphia and NYR. Its real easy for the Habs to pack up and go home now... but by the same token if they stop thinking about must wins and missing players, focus on the ice and the game, I am sure they'll sneak one out.

What a fascinating twist to this already insane season!

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