Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Look At The Other Series

There are other series?

Sure. Notwithstanding the inevitable tantrums I'll be having for the Habs / Bruins, I am a hockey fan, and will be watching the entire playoffs. A quick view:

Associassion Ouest:

San Jose v. Anaheim
: I think this series will be pretty awesome: opposites collide, and anyone can win. Personally I say Anaheim will take it if they get goaltending, but it should be fun even if it only lasts 4 game.

Detroit v. Columbus: Go Colimbus! Crazy young 'tender, talent up front and poised for an upset. Again, should be fun to watch either way.

Vancouver v. St Louis: Who cares. Sedins, pff. Sundin? pff. Oshie? pff. Boring.

Chicago v. Calgary: Could be interesting, could be a dud. Depends how the young Hawks deals with the experienced Flames -- I suspect they'll crumble. And if they crumble too fast, the outcome will be inevitable.

L'Associassion Est:

Boston v. Montreal: enough about this already.

Washington v. New York Rangers: Ovechkin and Avery, Green and Gomez, Thoedore and Lunqvist... Go Washington! I hate the Rangers, but this should be a good series; it won't be easy for either side.

New Jersey v. Carolina: bboooooorrrrriiinnnnnggggg. I don't care who wins; its too bad someone has to. Carolina's size I think will dominate NJ, but never count out Brodeur. Anyhow, I won't even watch the highlights; because there won't be any.

Pittsbugh v. Philidelphia: Go Flyers! I am not a Pens fan, as they seem to be loaded with talent and expect the world handed to them. One line does not a team make. Philly, on the other hand, is full of Canadian talent and plays prett hard -- I think this will be a good series. Really, good luck to both teams! They'll both need it!

Ok, thats it. Let me know if I should be watching something I'm not.

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