Friday, April 10, 2009

MTL v BOS - LOSS 5-4 Summary

Well, I was expecting a close game, a physical game, and for Phil Kessel to hurt us. But I was also expecting a low scoring affair -- 5-4? Wow, it sure was an exciting game!

I never counted our team out of this one; even down 3-1. The reason? They were playing with too much composure. They were fighting for the puck, making smart plays, and putting in a solid team effort. Mike Boone will tell you all about it. And I really like our new guy Weber.

And once again the Canadiens have managed to win by losing. With the tie game, they have guaranteed that neither Buffalo nor Florida can't catch them in the standings. Except Florida; who, with a win, will have 93 points and 41 wins; the same as Montreal. But the second tie breaker goes to Montreal, whatever it may be.

So bring on the Playoffs! ... Really? Do you really want to watch this team lose in the playoffs? Get matched up against a team that is prepared, eager to go and looking to win? I don't. I'm tired of watching my team stink it up while other teams run over us like a prairie dog on the Trans Canada. Take this wounded, broken animal and put a bullet in its head, and lets start fresh for next year...
  • Price isn't gonna steal us any games.
  • The Defence is still easily pushed aside. Think they won't send someone to finish Schneider if the Habs have won 3 games?
  • Koivu and Kovalev don't have the longevity to get us deeper than the first round, if even that
  • Too many other players are still MIA, and one game doesn't change that.
What we saw last night was Tim Thomas get rattled. Not sure how we did it, but we did. But more importantly, what we saw was Tim Thomas shut the door; he washed off the second period, and shut us out in the third, and power-play OT, to win the game. That is what a winning goalie needs to do: shut the damn door. So what that means is in the playoffs, even when the Habs are winning, we'll still be able to lose. Because this year, Tim Thomas is ready to win.

What we've managed to do, is in this elustrious 100th year, give our most hated of enemies and bitterest of rivals a clear and direct shot at cutting our jugular, and pissing in our punch bowl.

After 100 years, Boston will have their sweet revenge. As Will Hunting said: "How do you like them apples?"

And even if if if we manage to beat Boston, which would be glorious and awesome, I doubt this Habs team will be able to beat anyone else -- because they game they brought last night was sure not the game they bring to other rinks.

A win v. Pittsburgh gives us a shot at playing Washington first round. I'll wait until see it, before I tell that story :)

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