Monday, April 6, 2009

OTT v MTL - Predictions

And so here we are, in the last week of the season. How exciting! By Sunday morning, we'll know if the Habs have managed to totally bork their 100 yr anniversary, or succeed in their quest to challenge for the cup. We'll know who they'll be playing, where, and when. And it might be a celebrity golf tournament at Tremblant, or home ice advantage against the Phillidelphia Flyers... wild!

Unfortunately the Sens were not able to beat Florida last week; so the Habs can't call a mulligan on this one, even with their top 2 defenseman out. They won't win all the games this week, but neither will the Rangers or Florida. Still, this is the Montreal Canadiens' game in hand; this is the card up their sleeve; the one separating them from the other teams in the race. One "extra" game against a bottom dwelling team.

Win this one, and the playoffs are almost assured. Lose, and you'r back in Coach class eating stale peanuts and watching bad chick flicks with broken earphones.

  • Habs surprise everyone with a win tonight. Say, 4-3.
  • Kovalev is gonna have trouble on the powerplay today, being the only major shooting threat.
Wouldn't be surprised if....
  • Hamrlik and Brisebois are a -3 tonight
  • Top line for the Sens comes out singing, after getting slapped by Murray on Friday.
I will not be able to tweeet the game, as I have a hockey game of mine own to play. That's 3 games in a row! Zut. I'll be ready for tomorrow against the Rangers though.

Spezza is still a wankus.

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