Friday, April 3, 2009

MTL v NYI - WIN 5-1 Summary

Again, an apology for not being able to tweet the game last night; I had visitors over and had to entertain.

I did manage to watch most of the game, and saw all the goals. I loved being wrong in my prediction: the Islanders were simply not ready to win. They did not hammer the Habs, frustrate Kovalev, or really show up at all. The Canadiens were allowed to run as free as a hippy's child in a field of daisies; after Danis let in a few softies, the Isles just wanted to go home; and the Habs continued their strong play to complete the domination.

I mean, Mike Komisarek scored. He goes back to playing strong defense, and ends up getting a goal. Hopefully he gets the message: strong defense pays off :)

The Good
It was nice to see Les Boys play a strong game against a physical opponent. Last night, their speed and determination payed off, and players were playing with their heads again. Halak made some great saves, and the team was generally flying high.

The Bad
I didn't see much "bad" out there... everytime I looked up I saw the Canadiens celebrating a goal.

The Ugly
Tommy K's penalty shot. I love the guy, he's just not a penalty-shot kinda player. He tried to go back-hand, and had the open net if he got it, but Danis saw it coming all the way. Its just not nice to get a dude's hopes up, is all.

I hope the team settles down from this big (easy?) win and prepares for war on Saturday. Leafs deserve some payback...

I love the player's names on the Islanders; Bentivoglio and Rechlicz take the cake!

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