Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MTL v NYR - Predictions

I'll try and keep this short. I believe the Rangers are very beatable, even without Markov and Schneider. And no, I haven't been smoking anything interesting lately.

If Markov and Schneider were playing, I would be very confident of a win; along the lines of 4-2. Without them, our defence obviously suffers, and our offense suffers also -- from break-outs to offensive pressure. So how are the Habs going to overcome?

I get the impression that Price is gonna out-play Lundqvist, and our big line is gonna pay off. Kovalev, Higgins and Komisarek all like playing in NY, but haven't had much luck there lately. So they are do! And I think they'll be able to spark Plekanec tonight.

  • Habs win a close one. If it goes to a shootout again, well, coin-toss.
  • Price has a big game.
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Avery draws a couple penalties out of Koivu and Komisarek. Neither seem to have much patience for bull-sh!t lately.
  • If the Canadiens don't focus on containment, then NYR will end up punisheing them. All five players have to work on limiting the quality shots, and one-timers from the slots!
I hope the Canadiens can bring their game tonight. Yesterday was disappointing, and they are all still probably a bit dazed by losing their big D line. A couple playershave to play more minutes then they are used too; and back-to back no less. This is not an easy challenge; but Rangers have to win, so playing a solid defensive game and keeping it close will play to the Habs favour.

Lets see if Gainey can truly prepare his team for this challenge; I think they are up for it.

go habs go, etc....


  1. I don't think the Canadiens can win with the guys they have "if they all just give a little more". The defense is critically wounded without Markov and Schneider. I think Price (and Halak for that matter) have to be hotter than hell and steal games from this point on, and in to the playoffs.

    We can't ask any more from the first line. The 2nd line is due big time, but counting on them to wake up is silly. It would have happened already.

    The 3rd and 4th lines are doing their jobs well.

    As for the defense...well, just try not to screw it up has got to be their mantra for the time being.

  2. Do you mean you don't think there is anything more to give? Or that even if the remaining D step up the team isn't good enough? Kinda the same question I guess.

    I don't think the Habs will be able to do anything in the playoffs. But I still think they can win at least one of these last 3 games; and tonight's is by far the easiest one to get. Maybe the Pens on Saturday.

    I've watched a lot of teams play a stifling defensive game against an opponent that is desperate for a win, and come out on top. Underdogs can win (the Habs have got to be underdogs on this one), but the key is to play a containment game and not get running around like Timbits.

    "try not to screw anything up" is a good way to put it -- don't rush anything, let the chances come to you. I really think a tight game will produce a win.

    Of course, if they get running around, or get too "tight" and get stuck standing still, then they are done. Maybe this team doesn't know how to find the balance. We'll see if Gainey can get them ready.