Saturday, April 4, 2009

MTL v TOR - Predictions

I am drawing a blank on what is going to happen tonight, but I am excited for the game.

Its a blustery day here in TO, a cold wind rolls in... is it the wind of change? Or is it a frigid gust that will freeze the Canadiens in their march towards the playoffs? I have no idea.

For the Canadiens:
A couple big wins, solid team efforts, and a no. 1 line that is getting the job done. A goalie back in form, and defense that is starting take control of the danger areas. A fragile opponent coming off a back-to-back game. Not to mention the hunger for vengeance.

For the Leafs:
A home game on Saturday Night, stung pride from getting thumped, and a proven ability to score goals. They might be losing, but the Leafs are rarely shut out. Not to mention they aren't ready to roll over and die like the Islanders, and they sure do love beating the Habs -- especially this year.

For the Canadiens to win, they are gonna have to finish their chances; no missing open nets, flubbing break-aways and staying on the outside on the power play. Since the Leafs can score, even late in a game, Montreal has simply got to punish the Leafs when they fumble. And they WILL fumble.

No predictions on this one, its too close to home. I really want the Habs to win, and not sure if they can :)

Good luck! Go Habs Go!

May not have the tweets tonight, might be out watching the game.

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