Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CHI v MTL - WIN 4-1 Summary

The Canadiens did not wear their CAC jerseys, instead opting for the more civilized CA jerseys (from 1914-15, I think). The switch 1/2 worked: we won the game (yay!) but we lost 2 players to injury (booo!)

Huet played a good game, but the Habs got lucky- lucky bounces, lucky breaks, lucky (non-icing) calls. And since we had been so un-lucky lately, it was nice to take one.

Luck doesn't have everything to do with it: Carey Price played a fantastic game in his old style, and Markov / Schneider scored the 2 goals we deserved (Schneider's actually went off Higgins, details details). Tanguay had a bunch of steals but failed to finish, and Andre Kostitsyn benefited from Higgins sending him breakout passes once Higgy took Sergei's place in the lineup.

With Hamrlik and Sergei getting hurt, Metro was the odd man out, where Higgins went to play on the line with Pleks and AK, and Dandineault played some defense.

The story here, though, is that despite the lucky goals and strong finish, it was Chicago that controlled the play. Chicago had the majority of the puck possession, and looked to be the better team. The Habs were successful in limiting their chances in close pushing the young 'Hawks to the outside, and of course Price played beautifully. Once they were up, they prevented Chicago from getting started with lots of whistles; either icing, offside, out of bounds, whatever; the game slowed to a crawl. A great way to crush a young, fast, puck-possession team.

By the end of the game, the Blackhawks wanted to just move on to their next game, or get to Chez Pare, or whatever.

And I can't help bu wonder if when the Bell Centre starts taunting Huet, he thinks to himself: "Ah, the only rink in the league where they get my name right..."

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...
Price was stellar, the injuries suck and we need better puck possession, Koivu needs to bury his open-net chances, and the ugly were the first 2 goals -- but they cemented the game for the Habs, so can't complain! All that matters is the big W!

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  1. I heard Sergei was okay after the game though... I'm hoping that's true...

    Here's the bad part though: His mom and dad were apparently in the stands for that game. Talk about sucky... you come all the way from Belarus only to see one kid get bashed into the boards and the other having to sit out most of the game because he stuck up for his brother.... great....