Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jack Todd on Carey Price

Not that Carey Price should care about what people are saying about him -- but I felt this assessment was pretty accurate:

It’s not merely that Price’s play has been so shaky so often. It’s more that he just doesn’t seem to get it. From that plethora of web photos showing him with a drink in hand to the 30 pounds he put on during his rookie season to that dismally inappropriate yuk-yuk interview with the Cabbie, Carey Price appears to be a young man who thinks it will all come to him without effort.

It won’t. The really great ones in every sport – Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Patrick Roy – start with more talent than everyone else, and then they work harder. They win because they want it so badly, they refuse to lose.

Price has to decide what’s more important. Does he want to be the best goalie of his time? Does he want those Stanley Cup rings? Or is it more important to go on behaving like he’s just too cool for school?

This is from Jack Todd in the Gazette. Sometimes right, mostly an ass, Jack is a perfect example of the finicky, unrealistic head in the clouds Habs fans. But like Don Cherry (whom he passionately dislikes, probably because good ol' DC has a TV contract) I love his excitement and attitude to say what he thinks, right or wrong.

As for Price, I can't figure him out, but I'd love to see some edge in the kid. I'd love to see him attack and eat pucks, instead of waiting for them to hit him. Or something, I dunno -- he's just missing an edge that I watch real competitive goalies play with. This year anyhow.

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  1. Jack Todd is an asshole; this guy ran out on the US army - he's an army deserter, folks - is a canadian citizen out of convenience, not out of conviction, and now he's ripping a young kid for a few youthful indiscretions? The man is an asshole AND a coward