Friday, April 17, 2009

Game 1 recap

It'll be short and sweet:

Yes, we lost 3(+EN) - 2. We are down 1-0 in the series. Then why is Bob Gainey grinning like a lemur? You could shove that smile off his face at the end of the game, or during his press conference...

I guess its because although we lost, everything else went well; Canadiens came back to tie it up, Price played a good game, and the Canadiens let it be known they will not go quietly. They are gonna force Boston to beat them, and beat them bad if they want to challenge for the cup.

Most Habs fans are probably feeling pretty good today, despite the loss. Since there are no expectations, we just want to see good hockey games -- and for the most part, thats what we got!

Why was Laraque playing on the top line when we were 1 goal down? Its not because Gainey wanted to throw the game; but he knows its a war, not a battle. He made sure his no. 1 line was protected, and he kept a few aces off the table, to be drawn out later in the series, after this "getting started" enthusiasm settles.

It might not work; and his Aces might turn out to be Jokers; but the point is the Habs aren't going easy, are giving up, and are here to put on a solid show for what might be their only round.

I fear no Bruin.

Go Habs Go!


  1. May they rest in peace.
    A new team will rise from the ashes in the fall but I'm quite certain it will look a lot different from the one that we saw last night. I predict we'll have a new Captain, Coach, GM and likely a new owner. Too bad the name Phoenix is already taken. Maybe we can call ourselves the Montreal Phoenixs'...or maybe we should just stick with the Canadiens.

    Enjoy the off-season's been a blast!!!

  2. yup, I hope there is a new skin for this team next year; but more on that later. Have a great summer.