Sunday, April 5, 2009

MTL v TOR - WIN 6-2 Summary

Well its all smile and sunshine in Montreal again today. Reading Mike Boone's post today you'd think that the last few months were equivalent to a 3 game losing streak on the road; instead of 6 weeks of desperate pleas, crying, hair pulling, more crying, head smashing, nail biting, etc... I can go on.

All is right in the world; the Montreal Canadiens beat the tar out of the weaker Toronto Maple Leafs, and not only avoided embarrassment, yet again, but looked like a team that could compete in the playoffs.

I was out at the bar last night, here in Toronto, but I was the only one watching the game. After the first period, the bar dimmed the sound for the game, and slowly put the music back on. By the time the Leafs scored their second, you couldn't even hear the horn... But it didn't matter. I saw my team play a great game, and make up for those last 2 meetings that caused so much grief.

So: one week to go, and Habs are flying high -- except they got some real teams to play. Ottawa can still sting us, but never mind that: the least 3 games are against playoff teams. Remember Buffalo? They aren't in the playoffs, and played like they should be. Pittsburgh and Boston are playing well, and those will be real games. Let's see how we hold up then!

Until then, enjoy the sunshine, Canadiens fans!

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  1. You live in Toronto? How come I didn't know that?

    Yeah, next week is scaring me but I'm still pleased with that win over the Leafs =p