Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What if...

What if it was Montreal that got booted from the playoffs last night in a spectacular let down by the best goalie of all time? What if NJ and MTL had switched places this year?

Habs fans are pretty upset right now, and wondering what their team is gonna be come September next year -- all the way from ownership to backup goalie!

Imagine if you will, if we had Martin Brodeur on our side: and we had finished tops in our conference, and had league leading goal scorers... only to be ousted in the first round, in possibly the most painful way possible.

The press would be calling to trade Brodeur! He was as bad as Carey Price in his 4 losses. Fire Sutter! He couldn't motivate the team after Marty's 551st win. Trade Elias! One good season after so many disappointments, get rid of him. Retire Madden and Pandalfo!! Too old. Where was Gionta? Parise? Zajac? Rip the C off Langenbrunner's chest!!

You better believe that there would be blood on the ice in Montreal if they befell the fate of NJ last night. The 'passionate' fans (read: psychotic) would be head hunting and blaming everyone from the janitor to the accounting department... wait... just like they are now!

I'll admit the fans might be a bit more forgiving had MTL had the success NJ has seen in the last decade... but not that much more.

But you know what NJ is gonna do? Almost nothing. They might make a few minor "tweaks" to their club -- and be back again next year doing what they've been doing for the last 10 years -- winning.

Maybe the Habs have that foundation right now and maybe they don't -- but we'll never know if we keep tearing things apart before the primer dries on the canvas.

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  1. Blow it up :) Let chaos reign ... it allows for more antics from the fans, and they are by far the most entertaining ones around the league :) It's a shame the Habs could not bring in some mad scientist type as their GM that could give an evil cackle everytime he made a move.

    There have been more 'funny' stories out of Montreal then anywhere else by far!