Thursday, April 9, 2009

MTL v BOS - Predictions

Every time I predict the Team will step up, play a solid team game and earn a hard-fought win, they fail miserably and play aweful. On the other hand, every time I have predicted them getting crushed by a massively superior opponent (Detroit, San Jose, Chicago?) they come out all guns firing and steal one.

So I dunno what to predict tonight when Montreal visits Boston. But I'll try anyhow :)

  • Habs LOSE a close one; maybe even a shootout.
  • Low scoring afair; like 2-1 or 3-2.
  • Boston's big players shut down our "skill"
  • Kessel, who only shows up when he feels like it, will probably feel like it today.
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Habs get crushed. Boston smells blood and weakness, and will want to make a statement before the playoffs.
  • Florida beats Atlanta tonight.

Surprise me, Les Boys!

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