Thursday, April 2, 2009

MTL v NYI - Predictions

The Canadiens have shown that matched speed versus speed, youth versus youth, they can win big games. They have beaten Detroit, San Jose and Chicago; and they are 2-1 against Pittsburgh.

The problem is teams that play big and tough; instead of trying to out-race, they counter speed with size, and to date the bigger team has won. The Montreal Canadiens are easily "separated from the puck" as McGuire likes to say; and there is no secondary puck support. The passing hasn't been strong enough to break the traps, and the result is loss after frustrating loss.

Tonight they play the Islanders; same ones that beat us a couple weeks ago. And they haven't shrunk any. Yes, the Isle got some ugly goals that maybe Price should have stopped... but it doesn't really matter. Right now the Double-EWS matter: and the Habs have got to stop letting teams get ugly and scoring goals.

Otherwise, if they make the playoffs, they'll be easy meat.

  • Habs WIN a close one; 2-1 or 3-2
  • Isles ugly play causes many an offensive zone turnover, and Habs forecheck will be woefully lacking.
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • After a big win at home, Habs come out flat and bewildered.
  • Kovalev turns it over repeatedly in the first, then disappears.

Nothing has changed: we still need to win and improve. We ahve one the test of speed; anow we need to win the test of strength. Then we can see about the test of nerves, in Toronto :)

Update: Price is out as starting goalie, gonna have some Halak-attacks tonight! This does not change the prediction; I expect Halak to have a strong game. Despite not playing much recently.


  1. I'm scared about your predictions, because you have been right on a few of them. let's hope you're not right about Kovalev. I hate when that happens...

  2. Yeah, nice thing about predictions is you can't be wrong all the time... ;)

    Kovalev doesn't like getting pushed around. Not that he's a wimp, but he's much much better when he's left alone to doodle with the puck and get the shot he wants.

    Teams know this, and shut him down by playing the body :(