Saturday, April 11, 2009

PIT v MTL - Predictions

Hard to predict what's going on in this one; both teams are pretty much set for the post-season dance. Montreal would be nuts if they wanted to try and get to Washington instead of Boston, considering their success against the hated Bruins.

Pittsburgh is in a 3 way lock; and can go anywhere from Home Advantage against Carolina (or Philly) or staying where they are and taking on New Jersey in the first round. For them, it would be silly to buy their plane tickets early, so they should just focus on winning their last game.

Crosby always likes coming to town, and although the Habs have managed to shut them down in the past, they are a different team today, with everyone healthy. Fact is, the Habs should just focus on staying healthy and having a good game also; bringing the same intensity they had in Boston.

I'm not sure where the team's head is really at; but I suspect they'll be torn between being happy this season is over, and wanting to give their fans a nice going away present.

Habs inside/out is reporting Tanguay will sit, and they'll have Laraque and Stewart playing. Or they could just be giving those big guys some practice ice and resting Tanguay before the game, who knows.

Who cares?

We're in the playoffs, and a loss changes nothing. Look forward to an open-ended game today; not a lot of trapping, but a lot of shots.

  • Habs LOSE 5-3
  • Both teams get over 30 shots
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Both team dial it in tonight, and its a pretty low intensity affair

Enjoy the last game of the 100th season everyone! A win would sure be a nice way to kiss this bullsh*t season good-bye!

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