Thursday, April 16, 2009

Caps and Rangers

I was expecting the Caps / Rangers series to be hot, and yesterday, by far, it was the best game to watch. Tons of antics, chicanery, action, shots, goals, hits... everything a good hockey games needs.

I'm pissed the Rangers won; I now downright hate that team. And that's good for playoff hockey watching; you want to hate a team! Cheer for the good guys! etc... It would be nice for Jose to recover; I'd live to see the Caps continue to play.

As for the other games, Vancouver and St Louis was as predicted: boring. StL shot themselves in the foot with all their penalties. Philly and Pitts was a bit of a surprise, in that I thougt Philly would be ready to play. They weren't. Boring 1-sided game. And who cares about NJ / Car. Seriously. Just have the rangers/caps play again in the second round! Best of 14! Or something.

Tonight I will watch what the Habs have been cooking for the last few days. I am not nervous at all.

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