Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey, Wait A Minute...

In writing my article last night, I discovered a disturbing fact: I could not find a single member of the sports media that thought the Canadiens might be able to upset the Bruins. Not TSN, CBC, ESPN, PuckDaddy blogs, not even Maggi the Macak or the ESPN Dog!!

Really? No one is on our side?

You know, I'm allowed to criticize because I'm like family; I've been with them through good and bad for most of my life! But all these hockey media jockies crapping on the team too?

Well now its ON!

I'm breaking out the 1993 playoff hat, the jersey, the beach towel; I'm gonna paint my house BLEU-BLANC-and motherf***ing ROUGE and eat nothing but Poutine and drink Molson Ex -- I'll wash my hands with Habs soap, clean my toilet with the Montreal Canadiens themed toilet brush, pay for everything I buy with centennial loonies, and generally be the most obnoxious fan the world has ever seen... so that when the Habs win, I will stand triumphant on the pile of skulls that is the Hockey Media and feast on the gelatinous goo which they once claimed as their brains....

Ok, too far?

Sorry, it happens. Its why the playoffs are not really a good time for me. A lot of yelling.

Anyhow, I'm pulling for the Habs all the way. Even if we go down 3 early; I'll look the the 4 game sweep. I fear no Bruin. no one tells me my team has no chance in Hell. Not even myself!

I'll sweeten the karmic pot: and I encourage all Habs fans to join! If the Montreal Canadiens win this series, I will donate $100 to the Heart and Stroke foundation (in the hopes they can cure all my heart attacks and strokes incured during the series). If they lose, Karma gets nothing.

Who's with me? How much woould you give to see this most glorious and stunning of victories?!

Add your pledge to the comments section!!

Ah crap, it happened, I've lost my mind. I promised myself I wouldn't, this year would be different... and here I am...

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  1. Now THIS is more like it! =p I was going to write something similar but then I forgot and I went to sleep so yeah...glad you said something =p

    If they win I'll do.... something.... I'm not sure what.... I'll think of something... *g*