Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ATL v MTL - Predictions

Atlanta comes up for a visit tonight, and in the next 5 games will see NYR and FLA aswell. Which implies that the team that can beat the Atlanta Thrashers will stay in the playoff race; and I doubt Atlanta will beat all these teams. In their last 9 games (where they beat the Habs last time) they have gone 7-2. So another 'loser' team is playing well.

For the Montreal Canadiens, Opportunity has stopped knocking, and is now opening the mail slot asking to come in. A chance at revenge; a chance at redemption; a chance at changin momentum... etc... Once again the chance is there. If the team from Saturday shows up, Opportunity is gonna start to thing we don't like her anymore, and go somewhere else to play.

  • There is a lot of positive energy in the fan base looking for a Habs win ... and you can't lose them all ... home game ... no where to go but up ...
  • LOSE 4-2. I think Atlanta will be hungry after droppong 2 games last week, and Canadiens are still too fragile.
  • Look for a strong start from the Blue-Blanc-Rouge, and a quick crumble.
  • No matter how bad it gets, Price sees the whole game. No Hook today laddy!
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Habs regroup and actually win. I would love for it to happen. I'm cheering for it. I just can't see it
  • Price puts in a solid 60 mins, and only lets in 1 questionable goal. Go Kid!

C'est la guerre. Atlanta won't be easy.

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