Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MYR v MTL - Loss 4-3 Summary

The Canadiens managed to get a point yesterday, making yesterday's game pretty much a wash. The Rangers failed to really break away from the crowd with this, and the Habs are still very much a contender.

The overall impression of the game was a little different though. Although the game ended in a tie, the Habs were given a gift of 1 point to Lundquvist, who somehow let in Markov's shot. Nice to get a garbage one once and a while, because in the end, they all count.

But the Rangers really looked ot be the better team. They had a great forecheck, and stifling defence. I dunno how many shots were blocked, or passes tipped, or just simple turnovers, but the Rangers certainly seemed to be able to keep the scoring chances down.

Carey Price played a good game, and was let down by his defence. The first and second goal were the off rebounds which should have been cleared. Price had to stop tons of one-timers from the slot, where once again, the opposition (New Jersey and now the Rangers) were allowed to set up behind the net and put a beauty pass into someone unmarked in the slot.

The Canadiens are easy to play against. But it sure was an exciting game -- as the rest of the season wil prove to be also.

The Good:
Max Pac, D'Agostini and Lapierre played a great game. They lead the forecheck, fought hard behind the net, and Lapierre scored a big goal. If they develope a finishing touch, they will dominate. Higgins played well also, but was just missing that little extra to be truley dangerous. And Latendress played a good game also; he supported Kostitsyn, who finally started shooting.

And enough cannot be said about Markov. He led the team defensively, made the play to get the winning goal, and scored in the shootout to keep us alive to the last shooter. He also dealt well with Avery when they met up; kept his shennanigans to a minimum.

The Bad:
Saku Koivu stunk last night. It looks like his legs are made of lead out there. He's getting easily knocked off the puck, provides no defensive presence, and isn't getting back into the play after he gets knocked out of it. His heart is huge: but his legs are heavy. A shame.

The Ugly:
Although the 2nd period was pretty good, the Rangers really started to skate it out; and by the 3rd, the Canadiens looked like a bantam hockey team out there. The Rangers were flying end-to-end, winning the puck, winning races, and basically flying around a stagnant set of red pylons.

The Canadiens seem stuck in a mode where they are watching the game, then trying to react; whereas other teams are anticipating, staying mobile, and making the simple things work. Its really sad; I know Plekanec (for example) is skating hard; but he wastes so much energy trying to get up to speed, when the opposing team is already coasting -- they are burning energy in all the wrong ways; and it ends up killing them because they have nothing left by the 2nd period.

Kovalev had an Ok game, he was hungry, but had lots of turnovers where he was taking on 3 Rangers at once. Price played some great saves, but folded in the shootout, where he is normally king; that was sad to see also.

In the end, that was an exciting game, and an even game. But the CH have no flow to their game, and not playing relaxed, confident hockey. I mean, three 2-on-1s and a couple 3-on-2s, and not so much as a shot!

Oops! Sorry for the broken record, let me switch that...

And finally Antropov. He scored an easy goal on the power play, and another in the shootout. I haven't read Boone yet, but I'm sure he's insiuating that Antropov would've been good in Montreal -- here's what I saw. Antropov is playing on the wing, because he's a liability. Antropov tripped over the blue line with no one around him, sending Kovalev in on a break -- that normally would have ended in a goal. Antropov disappeared for the rest of the game, except when he was being bodied off the puck by the much smaller Habs players. I hate that guy, and watching him play yesterday did nothing to change my mind. Total Sewage.

So I just read Mike Boone, and I guess great minds think alike! We almost independently saw the exact same thing last night, calling out the same players. I mean, its not rocket science, it was pretty clear, but I feel vindicated! I am not a crackpot! And he only mentioned Nik Antropov once. That was nice of him :)

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  1. Your still a crackpot :) Do not kid yourself, but an entertaining one!