Friday, March 6, 2009

Trade Deadline Payoff

Last night was a big night for all the newly acquired players from the deadline; just about every traded player, it seems, had an impact.

Gerber almost got a shutout, Little Scottie Upshall got himself a power play goal, Olli had big night in Calgary, even Guerin and Antropov got an assist each.

So now people might be thinking: see? Had Gainey made a move, we too could have reaped some rewards!

The bad news is we already reaped! Gainey's trade deadline was a week and a half ago when he benched Kovalev (who is quoted as saying "it feels like I have been traded to a new team," upon his return) and Schneider, who was racking up the points in his first 7 games.

Now while other teams are all having their post-trade deadline love in, the Habs are in the post-coitus zone: the excitement is once again over, and they need to keep their socks up and keep playing hard until the end of the season.

We certainly didn't see it in Buffalo, maybe we'll see it tonight.

The fans are hopping the team can do just that; find a groove, win games, come together as a team, and show they are ready for the Playoffs. Show grit, timely scoring, hard faught games, and yes, luck!

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