Saturday, March 21, 2009

TOR v MTL - Predictions

Toronto has been a funny team this season. They have nothing in their line-up to scare even a 3-year old with an irrational phobia of the colour blue. And then at the trade deadline they went and got rid of whatever was left to fear.

Losing to Toronto has gotten a couple coaches fired (Laviolette for one), and last time Montreal and Toronto met on February 7th there was a big dust up; I believe a locked-door meeting, followed by some hard practices.

Losing to the Leafs was when fans shook off the glow of the All-Star game and the 100th season and went: What The F--- ... they had just gone 2-7 since Jan 20. Oh, and then the team went West to regroup, and instead completely disintegrated.

So losing to the Leafs marked a change in the season, and magnified it. A win tonight, a good win, might mark the next turn around. A win tonight against the Leafs might be a swivel that gets the team back on track.

"It doesn't matter how you do, so long as you beat the Maple Leafs," and that's a 2-way street. The Leafs are gonna have a good time tonight -- they know they can crush the team completely if they steal a win: and if the Leafs lose? Who cares? No one here in TO does. They are supposed to lose, remember?

The Canadiens have a chance to win back their fans, win back some pride, and stay in the playoffs. If they lose, they are not finished, but the hill gets that much steeper, and the easy gears fall off the bike.

Advantage: Maple Leafs. Biggest Reward for a Win: Canadiens.

  • Habs LOSE 3-2 (what? after all that? Yes. With the provided evidence, Leafs are poised for a win.)
  • Blake scores a couple.
  • Earth opens up, swallows Bell Centre in a fiery cacophony of apocalyptic terror.
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Habs win
  • Blake doesn't score
  • Earth remains secure.
It would be nice to see a full game from everyone tonight; and I am disappointed by Laraque being in the lineup, but you win with what you have. So Let's Win!!

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