Saturday, March 14, 2009

NJ v MTL - Predictions

Well, with all the buzz going on about Marty Brodeur and his 551 wins, well, everyone kinda stole my thunder.

It is an interesting decision to play Halak tonight: is Gainey playing his 'backup' to make things easier for the Devils? Or is he hoping a kid from Czechoslovakia, who didn't grow up idolizing Marty, will just be there to do what he did to San Jose: play spoiler. Just stop the puck, you know? Never mind the bull...

Combine that with letting Brisebois play his 1000th game; he should be well rested, but a couple weeks off from game time can have its affects also. Brisebois will be stoked to play, I'm sure, and as a result might be a little wild out there.

Did Gainey expose his flank for an easy kill, or is he hoping for a thunder-stealing upset?

Maybe both.

  • LOSE 5-1
  • Habs might be ahead at the end of the first; it will change nothing.
  • Halak is gonna give me at least 4 Halak-Attacks!
  • Bell Centre treats Brodeur really well if he wins, perhaps even a standing O!
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Halak frustrates NJ a bit, and the game is actually close
  • Maybe we see a bit of Brodeur's nerves finally? Montreal is big, 551 wins is big, Patty Roy watching is big, the press is big... maybe he has an off game, and ... and ... No, that's wishful thinking.
Any way this thing goes, it should be a great game -- so enjoy!

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