Tuesday, March 10, 2009

EDM v MTL - Predictions

Ok, new coach, new hope, new lines of communication, fans satiated, let's go!

16 games left, and a ridiculous race for the last 4 playoff spots. Gainey said that "tonight's game will move us in one of those directions (in the standings)" -- thanks coach!

Price gets the start, and the Home Team might be looking for some vengeance against the Edmonton that stomped them out west.

  • Habs WIN 4-2
  • Komisarek will start hitting again, less slashing penalties.
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • With Schneider and Sourray out there tonight, there will be a lot of Howitzers!
  • Edmonton's skill floats through the middle (slot) and generates a lot of scoring chances. I can't see how 1 day can change this major problem.

Its dangerous of me to predict a W lately; I seem to be Mr Opposite. Well, too bad. New coach and home crowd, I gotta give it to Les Boys.

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