Monday, March 9, 2009

Carbonneau Fired -- reaction

This is not breaking news, but the Montreal Canadiens fired their coach Guy Carbonneau today. Gainey grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and threw him under the bus.

It took me a while to sit down and write this because I had a lot of different things to say; but I didn't want to write an anthology -- I'll try and be concise.

A lot of press is coming to Carbo's defense; this happens when you have a lot of ex-coaches now playing journalist. I agree completely -- the players got him fired. Good for them. Problem is, I liked the coaches more than the players. I'd rather watch Carbo coach a bunch of Bantom C leaguers then the lazy bunch of cry-babies they got in the CH sweater right now... but I can't get that channel.

I wonder if Gainey was feeling pressure not from "upper management" but rather from the other GMs... he didn't want to go to the upcomming General Managers meeting and get heckled -- "Hey Bob, you haven't fired your coach yet? Come on man, everyone's doing it! Jeez, they lose a game, you fire the coach! Get with it!" With 7 coaches fired this year, "it's hot."

I could go on, but what's the point? Carbo's gone. The King is Dead, Long Live The King. What's gonna change? Nothing. Gainey might get them into the playoffs -- but they won't win anything. They'll finish 8th, meet Boston in the first round, and Julien will have his sweet delicious revenge. Curse his stubby bald head! hehe.

When has firing a coach in March brought in a Stanely Cup in June? Ever? Did Larry Robinson pull it off in New Jersey? (Honest question, I can't remember.) I know a lot of times it hasn't worked...

My next question is not: what's the future of the coaching staff? But rather:

who owns this team?

Gainey has finally gone all in: if the Canadiens don't make the playoffs, he's finished. He's gotta be (sadly, love him too). If they bomb out in the first round, then he'll be lucky to stay also. And here in lies the problem: if the players can get the coach fired, and the GM fired, then who owns this team? Guess its Koivu, and Kovalev, and Kostitsyn, and all the other players who are allowed to do "Jacque Squat" but stay in the most glorious of hockey mechas. Think this bull-sh*t would fly in Detroit these days? Ask Federov.

I hope for the best: Go Habs Go. I'm on the waggon, interested in the new direction, let's go. But I think the best medicine for the Franchise is to get some stability. I'm sick and tired of good coaches and smart hockey people, not to mention Canadiens Heroes, getting turfed because these damn cry-baby millionaires want to sit on thier thumb and spin because "coach isn't communicating with me.

This ain't f*cking!!


  1. Sorry about the loss man...actually sad to see him go myself. Stupid Habs.
    Robbie Ftorek is the guy your thinking of, let go with 9 games left in the Jersey season in 2000. Larry Robinson replaced him and won the cup. Hardly ever works.

  2. Curse Larry Robinson's amazingness!