Saturday, March 28, 2009

BUF v MTL - Predictions

Thought Montreal was the only team to get slapped around by the bottom of the barrel teams? Detroit lost 2-0 to the Islanders last night. For at least we are in good company.

Tonight's game setup is simple enough: Buffalo desperately wants into the playoffs, and are boosted by the return of Miller. Miller had the team rockin' just before he got hurt, and the only reason Montreal still has 8th is because Florida can't keep it together, and Buffalo had Lalime in net.

Buffalo rolled over Curtis Joseph early yesterday, and despite a late surge from the Leafs, got a convincing win. Their confidence is high, their desire strong... and Montreal is really just started to feel the positive of their play.

Here is the story for me though: Montreal lately has definitely not been able to match the intensity of other geared up teams. Montreal hasn't done well in big games on Saturday Nights. Last time we saw Miller play Price, one looked playoff ready, the other dazed and confused. In that order.

I love to see Buffalo go down... Lindy Ruff drives me nuts... but I have to admit that they love to beat Montreal, especially in games that matter.

  • Montreal LOSE 5-3
  • A fairly open and aggressive 1st period, but les Habs are too easy to shut down lately.
  • Montreal's top line goes without a point.
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Ok, the no.1 line gets at least one of the goals, early.
  • Lets say... two 3-on-1s and three 2-on-1s get given up by the Canadiens tonight.

Sorry to seem so pessimistic, but the game Montreal has been playing the last few nights has been pretty dangerous hockey (exciting, but dangerous). I think Buffalo is too well organized to not take advantage. Further, Montreal has yet to step up to a big game the "must" win this year. No reason why that should change today.

I'll happily eat my words if I am wrong.


  1. You know, beating Cujo and the Leafs isn't really something to write home about...However, you're right in that the Habs have a bad habit of not playing with a lot intensity for 60 minutes. For everyone's sake, I really wish that they'd step that bit up and not go into freak-out mode when the other team scores a goal.... We'll see!

  2. I think it's good to be realistic about this game. You make excellent points: not being able to match the intensity, not playing well in big Saturday night games. I think bracing for a letdown is a good idea after the last two wins...