Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MTL v BUF Loss 5-1 Recap

Well, I came in late to see the Habs were down 3-0; my fellow tweeters got me up to date on how crappy the lads were playing.

I watched the 3rd, where Buffalo scored on the power play and then short handed. Correction, make that Gaustad scored. Both goals.

From what I saw, this game was a write off (just write it off, Jerry). The Habs could do nothing right, the Sabres could do no wrong. I mean, they made Lalime look good! Come on! He's allowed to have a good game, but you can still punish him! Or not I guess.

And Carey Price's woes continue. Looks like he is still a spectator; he's watching the game. He was out of his net, cutting down angles... then watching pucks go by him. Again, the team seems to play a bit differently for him, but he is not in Springtime Form. Damn it, another broken goalie.

Anyhow, they gotta forget this game. Everyone sucked -- and there is no time for bowling and soul searching. Maybe they all felt super releaved after the trade deadline, whereas Buffalo was energized. Laugh it off, Carbo should work them in a 90 minute + practice, get back to work, someone give Price some cocaine if he has to play...

... and be ready for Illya Kovelchuk and the Thrashers.

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