Thursday, March 19, 2009

MTL v OTT - Predictions

So Ottawa has been feeling pretty good about themselves lately; 6-2-0 in their last 8 games, with The Big Line returning to form, and Brian Elliot falling into form. Comfortably out of the playoffs (although mathematically still a contender) The Sens are playing a relaxed, confident game: and getting dividends.

Montreal, I think, was stung by the shootout loss on Tuesday, and should be in form to make a splash in Ottawa. Its technically an away game, 2 hrs down the 417 -- but I would expect the Sens faithful to be pretty boisterous. Price has done Ok against the Sens, 4-2-0 in his career, but the way the Habs defense have been playing I would expect The Big Line to have lots of chances tonight, and possibly bury a few.

Funny thing is these two will meet again in April 6th -- and if the Habs have finished shooting themselves in the foot and amputating the wound (are ot of playoff contention, I mean) then this game will probably be more exciting; as Montreal will be playing with the same relaxed style.

Against the Rangers, Montreal was "gripping the stick too tight." "Scared to compete," as their old coach would say. They are thinking too much, and not skating enough; they waste too much energy chasing the play instead of driving it. etc etc etc... Point is, I see that continuing until they finally drop from a playoff spot. Pressure off, a better Montreal team will appear. And then everyone says "where they earlier?" etc etc etc... Just like they are doing down the road in Ottawa right now.

  • Montreal WIN 5-3
  • The Big Line (Spezza, Heatly, Alfredson) get 2 goals tonight
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Elliot plays a strong game, and Habs can't get more that 2 by him
  • no.1 line for the Habs is blanked tonight
Should be another good game, despite the outcome. Enjoy the match!

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