Thursday, March 12, 2009

NYI v MTL - Predictions

Well, there are several factors to consider for today's little match:
  • The excitement of a new coach is wearing off for Les Boys
  • Yann Danis gets a shot at revenge, kinda
  • Kovalev might be out of the lineup...
But the most interesting part for me is the old "Spoiler" mentality teams get into when they have no post season. It seems like the lower echelons of the league really get a kick out of spoiling the fun of those teams that might be able to make the playoffs; consider 2007 when the Maple Laffs beat Les Boys to ensure neither of them made the post season.

  • Habs WIN 3-2
  • Kostitsyn nets one tonight, maybe even 2
  • Ilses get ugly, try to beat up the Home Team and out muscle them.
Wouldn't be surprised if:
  • Habs have yet another crappy second period, after getting over the excitement of the first
  • Yann Danis will play above his pay grade, until the Canadiens bang a couple in. Then: plop.
  • Les Glorieux blow the Ilse apart.
I think it will be a close game, but if we can score early and keep the tempo up, it could be 5+ goals for Les Boys. If the Ilse keep it close and manage out muscle out the Habs, then it will be a good indication that this team is just not ready for any kind of post season.

Finally, I'll be out tonight at the bar tonight - so no habstwit tonight. Just gonna have to fend for yourselves :)

Till Saturday then.


  1. Les Glorieux?? I think I just about lost my lunch over that. Just for that I hope that the Isles play the spoiler and Komisarek hurts himself. Ok maybe not that last part, I kinda like Komisarek...will be funny when he bolts in the offseason for free agency :)

  2. I'll Bolt YOU in the Off Season! he... bu... cramso...


    piss off! damnit!