Sunday, March 22, 2009

TO v MTL - LOSE 5-2 Summary

Never in my life have I seen 5 or 6 skaters try to literally disappear on the ice like the Montreal Canadiens did last night.

The Japanese Woman's Ice Hockey Team put up more competition against Team Canada then the Montreal Canadiens did against the Maple Leafs last night.

The Montreal Canadiens seem to be following our stock markets; just when you think they hit rock bottom, they punch through and find a new bottom.

You can't win if you are scared to lose. Slow skates, soft passes, no second effort and no desire for the puck pretty much sums it all up. Even Laraque skated harmlessly by a Leaf with the puck, waved his stick at him, and went off the ice -- instead of, you know, hitting him. Laraque. Didn't bother hitting the guy. Kostitsyn watched a Leafs dangle at the top of the circle and move into shooting position - could have picked him, but instead stands there like a lump. Not doing anything. Anything.

The Good:
I was sick of writing about only 1/2 the players showing up on game nights, well, thanks for saving me the effort. Lapierre and Higgins were the only players -- the rest were trying to behave like the paint on the ice. I say that because even a Pylon can stop the puck sometimes.

The Bad, the Ugly
Everyone else. Even the crowd got ugly, with good reason.

That game made me honestly want to vomit in rage, disgust and disappointment.

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