Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CHI v MTL - Predictions

Some of these dudes are even wearing the Heritage Toques. Nice!

Tonight's game at the Bell Centre will feature some of the game's top young talent, and an original six franchise finally on the rebound after years in the cellar. The Canadiens will be there too, hopefully. And to honour Chicago's mighty return, the Canadiens are gonna wear their goofy 'barber pole' jerseys (so I heard).

Is it hard to play with dignity when you clash with even the ice?

Cristobal Huet comes back to play the Habs -- knowing his personality as I do, he is neither excited, nor nervous, and barely concious. But he will play well -- so the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge better be shooting straight; that is, if their brains don't explode from visual over-stimulation.

The Blackhawks have been up-and-down as of late, dropping one in Edmonton, getting shutout a few times, but winning close ones against the Devils and San Jose Sharks.

(on a side note, I love how old standard definition TVs can't handle the stripy lines on these jerseys and end up barfing out a bunch of noise.)

Also, I think the Habs are 0-9 with throwbacks this year. I made that stat up. It felt good.

  • Montreal LOSE 3-2
  • a Hab will end up injured. (what a horrible thing to predict, but with these jerseys I see the players being distracted)
Wouldn't be surprised if....
  • Carey Price shuts the door on Chicago; stoked to out-play Huet and the young talent that he know doubt already knows well - Toews, Kane, Sharp, Keith, and the oh so impressive (if in name only) Butt-Byfuglien.
  • Habs play their second last home game strong, knowing they stink on the road.

Once again, best of luck to the boys! With 2 young teams and competitive goalies, this could be another very exciting game, and I am looking forward to it, win or lose.

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  1. I think they actually one or two games in some of their old jerseys.... there was one against the Rangers and.... hmm... well, one against the Rangers... =p

    I'm trying to be upbeat about tonight but i'm bracing myself for some bad stuff.....