Sunday, March 8, 2009

MTL v DAL - Predictions

Gainey, Carbo and Muller return to Dallas, where I am sure they have some fond memories. Carbo's daughter (Anne Marie, right) is married to Brenden Morrow (who is out for the season, torn ACL) -- so the coaching staff should be in a good mood, reconnecting with friends and family...

And if things go really bad, they'll have a basement to stay in until they "get back on their feet".

I've been predicting losses and getting wins, then predicting wins and getting losses. My success rate is getting close to the Habs 'away' record. So for what its worth...

  • LOSE 3-1.
  • Habs score their goal in the 1st period, of course
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Steve Begin pots the Game Winner for the Stars.
  • Halak sees another 35+ shots.

Enjoy the game tonight everyone. Imagine your Team as the talent equivalent of the Maple Leafs, or a 35+ Beer League team, and suddenly they are playing pretty good!

Self delusion is a wonderful survival tactic.

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