Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coaches Know...

I read this in Red Fisher's most recent article: a quote from Claude Julien on Boston beating New Jersey.
“I think lately we’ve been wasting a lot of energy just thinking about getting the win and forgetting how to get the win. I just wanted our guys to go out there and play. If they played well enough, the outcome would take care of itself.”
Sounds familiar, doesn't it? I've been dreading to say it, because I want to let the Carbonneau issue drop, but this is essentially what he said was wrong with his team:
“Right now we are scared to compete, scared to play”
And Gainey has avoided repeating these exact words, but its all too obvious. The team is so scared to be get caught out of position, to make a bad pass, to cause a turnover, or make any kind of mistake, that they can't play hockey right now.

  • The passes are soft, or blind. Either way, they are easily picked off.
  • The defense is scared to lose battles. As a result, they leave players alone behind the net, and let players sneak into the slot.
  • The offense is scared to make a bad pass. As a result the passes are too soft, telegraphed, and too late.
  • The offense is scared to turn it over in the offensive end. As a result the forecheck is either too weak (no puck support) or too much (too many players on the puck) and no one is skating to make a play. Even the shots that we are getting are easily stopped and cleared.
  • The goalies are scared of themselves. They are afraid to let up a bad goal, a bad rebound, leave a hole... so they are over-thinking and not ready for the shots that are coming in.
Scaredy-Cats, Scaredy-Cats...

Its just hockey, lads. You've been playing it your whole life; play hard, go get the puck, keep your head up and stick on the ice. Maybe everyone should have a few beers before the game to chill out and get the blood boiling a bit.

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  1. It's kind of ironic that all these mistakes happen precisely because they're thinking too much about trying NOT to make them. I think too that the more they make these type of plays the more scared they are of making them and it just gets worse and worse... *sighs* I wish it was just as simple as telling them to calm down and try to focus....