Sunday, March 29, 2009

BUF v MTL - SO LOSE 4-3 Summary

There isn't too much to say on this one; it was an excellent game by both sides, and in an over-over-over-time shootout, they sent out Toni Lyndman, and we sent out Maxim Lapierre. Lyndman, with 3 goals on the year, kept it simple and buried one 5-hole. Lapierre tried everything but doing Miller's taxes, and fooled no-one.

The Habs played a great first period, but ended up down 1-0 after a Sabres Power Play goal (which was technically just as the penalty to Kovalev ended.) Early in the second, Buffalo scores another one, and most Habs fans begin to see another disappointment forthcoming...

Then Earth Hour starts, 8:30-9:30, and the Habs start lighting the lamp! Higgins gets the team rolling again, and Kovalev pots 2 on the power play (one off tarrific work by Koivu, another 5-on-3 from a slap-pass by Schneider.) Suddenly, its 3-2 with 20 mins to go!

Unfortunately the lights came back on, and despite getting a few more power play opportunities, the Habs couldn't finish.

Price played a terrific game; he can't be blamed for his goals against, as they were scored by unmarked players on top of the crease. He made several excellent, heart stopping saves through traffic and off wild bounces and plays, bailing out his defence repeatedly. Then again in the shootout to stop the flash offence of Buffalo... he did everything he needed to to win. Too bad the team couldn't get one past Miller.

The Good
The Canadiens played well start to finish. Higgins continued to shine, as did his line. The no.1 line delivered, and Price was great.

The Bad
I love Markov, but keep him away from the press :) He had a rough night, with turnovers, unmarked coverage, and dropping it on net a few times. D'Agostini disappeared, I dunno if he was hurt or benched -- but for a while Kovalev was double shifting.

The Ugly
With D'Ags out, and Kovalev taking long shifts, double shifts, the chemistry for the CH melted down a bit. Defensively it wasn't an aweful game, but it wasn't good. All the goals were preventable with proper defensive coverage, whether from the D-men themselves or from a back-checking center.

Both Miller and Price played great in the shootout; but Miller definitely got into the heads of the CH shooters, and by the time Lapierre had to win it, it was finished before Laps touched the puck.

A good loss, the 1 point keeps us ahead of Florida (by 1 point) and a very interesting week coming up! No reason to hang our head on this one.

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