Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trade Deadline Post Mortem

So another trade deadline day has passed, and it was mostly waiver-junk and third liners. There is plenty of analysis elsewhere (elsewhere) but I will break down my highlights:

Biggest Fish: Well, no kidding, its Ollie "The Big Joke" Jokinen. I was surprised to see Calgary lose Langkow in a trade: I figured they'd want to keep both and have 2 awesome centerman; but maybe that was impossible. This is big for Calgary; Jokinen and Iginla on the same line, they are gonna get 100 shots a game. Jokinen is also back with Keenan, and the ol' coach might light a fire under the struggling star.  Of course, if everybody is shooting, who's passing? Who's forechecking? Despite that, I suspect these 2 guys will mesh well.

Phoenix gets more grit... well who cares. The draft pick is more important; but Calgary is pretty solid and probably doesn't need it this year. Phoenix also got Little Scottie Upshall (good riddance, I don't have to watch him anymore). These guys will be coachable by the Great One. Phoenix definitely didn't win Trade Deadline Day (TDD) but they certainly didn't lose.

Can't Give 'Em Away: Bill Guerin for a 'conditional 5th round pick'? Ouch! After sitting for 5 days! This might not have been the deal they had in mind, but its all they got. Who is doing who a favour here? I thought Guerin was having an Ok year; he has playoff grit... oh well. Next up would be Telquvist for 2010 4th rounder.. "we'll get 'em next-next year, boys!!" and Kyle McLaren for a 6th rounder -- oops, not time to clear waivers, but we need roster/cap room!

Say It Ain't So! My main man Mark Recchi is in Boston? Booo. Mark Recchi is my favorite player, and became so while he was playing for The Home Team. He really seemed to be the only one playing those many years, doing it all and giving it all. And now the Energizer Journey-Man is playing for the Bad Guys. Well, good luck to them both. If the Habs aren't looking like a contender, then they certainly are! Huh? What am I saying? Thomas is a bum, and they'll burn out 2nd round tops.

And All the Rest: I Think LeClair going to the Sens is huge for them; hopefully they don't destroy his career like they did Lalime, Emery, Gerber, Hasek, (grassy-knoll) Barasso, Tugnutt ... Vermett is easily replaceable. The Leafs finally, finally, finally got rid of Antropov, so good for them. I don't know why they got 5 goalies though (Toskala, Joseph, Kolzig, Gerber, Pogge)-- you can't play them at the same time, Burke! Not much else...

I think the rest of the trades were low risk shuffles, to try and change the polish on some of the teams, but should have no real impact. Every one else was kinda having an off year, a misfit, or just a no-op. Some might turn out to be "the missing link," and that would be impressive.

Kaberle and Bowemeester so far haven't moved (doubt they are a last minute thing) so wo0-pidee-doo.

And to no one's surprise, Gainey didn't do squat today. And really, what could he have done? He likes his team too much to trade whatever value he has on a Hope. And frankly, so do I. I like Higgins and Komisarek and Pleks and the Artiste and all the rest of them goofy bastards. Perhaps in the off season things will be different; but then, everyone will be a free agent anyhow.

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  1. Maybe Gainey should have done something given tonights failure :)
    You are right, Leclaire is a great addition for the Sens.
    Can't believe Philly got they not have enough goons!
    The Flames gave up Lombardi not Langkow :) I think Lombardi is great tho, so fast, entertaining to watch, sad to see him go. I wish the Flames would have ditched Langkow instead.