Friday, March 6, 2009

MTL v ATL - Predictions

So, Halak is not Ba-lack tonight, Laraque is cracked, and Breezer has been Breeze'd-by. And its an away game.

Tanguay is back tonight, but has been off so long I can't see him making much of an impact. He and Koivu clicked really well at the beginning of the season, while other teams were still alseep: but its not November anymore, is it?

I was happy to hear Carbo skated his team; wake up those legs and get that blood pumping to the brain! If you work hard in practice, you work hard in the game.

Here's hoping Lehtonen will be Lettin'-'em-in tonight.

  • I gotta go with a Habs WIN, 4-2
  • Ilya will get a goal for Thrashers
  • Tanguay will get an assist. (ah, what the heck, why not)
Wouldn't be surprised if
  • Habs have a great first, and continue to bag off the next 2 periods (as is their current style)
  • Price gives up if he lets in a soft goal; and hence the team collapses.
All the fans are in agreement, this is a great time for the Habs to show their stuff and shake off that bad game in Buffalo -- prove they deserve to be in the Playoffs. Its not do-or-die, but a bad game today will certainly be a bad omen for the rest of the season.


  1. Price is worrying me. I sincerely hope we are not on the path of losing another "sure bet" goalie.

  2. I completely agree! But he sure played well in Atlanta; so there is hope for him :)