Friday, March 6, 2009

MTL V ATL - LOSE 2-0 Summary

I shouldn't have worn my hat. The Habs never win when I wear my hat. Sorry fans...

Its gonna be a hell of a hangover for the Team after this one: because when they wake up Sunday morning before their game in Dallas, they won't be in the playoffs.

Price finally played a good game; an excellent game. He was sharp, controlled, and solid. They gotta go with Halak, but if goaltending were the only problem, that problem is looking to be on a path to redemption.

Unfortunately, there are a few other tiny little issues -- like not getting any offense, and not scoring any goals. Kovalev was dreadful, Koivu looked brain dead, Schneider looked old, and Tommy K looked worn out.

Bright spots include Max Pac, O'Bryne's fight, Higgins played Ok, and Tanguay had a great game back. He, Tanguay, looked to be the hungriest player out there. It's good: I hope he doesn't get discouraged.

But the dumb, constant penalties -- and everyone playing with one hand on their stick poking at the puck; it looked like no one in white wanted to touch the turd of a puck for fear of getting cooties.

I think Schneider needs less icetime, and they need to spread out their 'puck moving D'. Get Hamerlick or Komisarek up with Markov, Schneider and Gorgres, and keep Markov and Schneider on the Power Play together. Maybe with a bit of a rest, Schneider will stop getting beat at the point.

Carbo's got 2 choices: let up, have easy practices, and let the "skill" and "talent" try and find their groove -- ride out the season, or (my personal preference) skate them into the ground. Eventually they'll find their legs; and they'll compete, because they'll all be miserable. And they'll battle, because they will be sick to death of skating practice.

I fail to see how accepting the current level of play is a good move -- unless you are worried players might not sign back on for next year. (You can argue whether we even want them back). How can you pay players that much money and happily accept poor performance? It breeds a lack of caring and respect for the organization and the coaching staff -- forcing a change; when really it should be the opposite, I think. A clear "get on the bus, or get under it," position from the organization that wants to win.

Either way this team will be lucky to go .500 in March -- they'll be lucky to make the playoffs, and they won't get passed the second round, even if every other NHL team is quaranteened with a Clamidia outbreak until July.

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